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The dry, cynical humor prevalent in another Ellis adaptation, American Psycho, carries through here as well.Without so much satire from that film, Rules reaches an absurdity at times that makes you think back to your college days and the craziness and emotional stupidity you remember seeing from those surrounding you.Now looking to the next chapter, Coleen Nolan, 52, confessed she's not ready to date yet following her split.

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Multiple uses of rewind, spilt screen, and the re-showing of events could have been a drastic failure of cheap trickery with less able hands.

Here, though, Avary shows some skill and uses everything to further advance a complicated tapestry of story lines and encounters from the stellar cast of young up-and-comers.

Breaking down as she struggled to get her words out, the TV personality, who was married to Ray for ten years say 'it's been hard and it's really fresh.' Coleen said that they have now officially filed for divorce and Ray has now moved out of the family home after making their decision with heavy hearts.

'We really really tried, we’ve both tried,' she said. I'm an agony aunt and I get these letters all the time from people in these situations.'I need to start listening to my own advice.

James Van Der Beek is actually really quite good breaking out of his good boy image from WB-fare casting.

His performance really makes me wish his sanitized image didn't warrant Todd Solondz from cutting his arc from the disturbingly good Storytelling.

With Rules of Attraction, one sees that there was probably more influence on both films.

While this adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' novel contains many clichéd style maneuvers, they all work effectively in telling the tale.

Little scenes like seeing a suicide being lifted into an ambulance, students crying all around, with a girl hitting on one of the police officers in the foreground are brilliant.

Avary makes the viewer never take a break as there is no telling what he/she might miss.

I'm kind of enjoying the independence and I don’t have to answer to anyone. If I want a cup of tea and 20 packets of biscuits then I will!

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