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Season 10, Episode 137May 1, 2018Whether sex can help menopause; a fix for greasy hair; if it's safe to dye a young child's hair; safe ways to break up dog fights; smoking pot while dealing with depression; exercises to prevent slouching; three tips to stop teeth grinding; and whether sleep apps can actually diagnose sleep apnea.Season 10, Episode 136April 30, 2018Elizabeth Smart discusses her new book and how she overcame her kidnapping ordeal.Also: a possible cure for hair loss found in fast food French fries; the nation's very first "marijuana spa"; and a controversial school policy that instructs female students not to say "no" when boys ask them to dance.

"; getting rid of bikini blackheads; what to do if one's kids "walk in" on intimacy; at what age should one freeze her eggs; whether breast milk changes color when a baby is sick.

Season 10, Episode 150May 18, 2018A California mother of three who wears a corset 23 hours a day to keep her 18-inch waist.

He told the show's host 'I'm an honest person looking for a new wife' before adding he killed his first wife because he was 'irritated' by her behaviour and murdered a subsequent partner because he thought she was after his money.

A contestant on a Turkish television dating was asked to leave after he revealed to a shocked audience he had murdered his wife and a former lover.

Season 10, Episode 131April 23, 2018The best way to deal with cellulite and spider veins on one's legs; DIY fecal transplants; a heart transplant surgery that left the patient with two different hearts; and an mid-air brawl caused by flatulence.

Season 10, Episode 130April 20, 2018Spending 100K to look like Kim K; human Ken and Barbie dolls; surgery to become a genderless alien; a woman who wants the world's biggest butt; a woman who wants the world's smallest waist; when the desire for plastic surgery becomes an addiction; and going under the knife to look like Madonna.Season 10, Episode 141May 7, 2018Disturbing nursing home questions; inside secrets from the celebrity doctor who's an artist with a syringe; how to transform one's body in just 20 days; the mental health of children; and the health benefits of turmeric.Season 10, Episode 140May 4, 2018Louie Anderson opens up about being the son of an alcoholic; why a fitness trainer decided to pack on 75 pounds—and lose it; runway model Rosie Mercado shares her fashion fixes that will flatter any size; whether sex in the senior years improves brain function; celeb stylist Jonathan Antin on the "Dos and Don'ts" for one's 'do.Also: How child predators are using video games to connect with their victims; in the O. with an unbelievable septum surgery; Judge Judy's bailiff on a health verdict of his own; why bald men have hairy bodies; and how to keep fish from sticking to the grill.Season 10, Episode 133April 25, 2018Whether drug dealers should be charged with murder; a controversial procedure to "debark" dogs; jail time for a nightmare college roommate; guilt-free breakfast; healing childhood scars; self-defense; the real cause of stinky feet.Season 10, Episode 146May 14, 2018The story of a woman wrongfully convicted of killing her baby who spent 20 years behind bars.

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