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If a woman worked after marriage, her earnings also belonged to her husband.The idea was that upper and middle class women had to stay dependent on a man: first as a daughter and later as a wife.Diamonds in antique engagement rings created prior to that were evaluated differently.

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A reputable vintage ring dealer will guide you in the identifying the difference.

Below are some of the characteristics that can help identify a ring’s age.

Now, appraisers declare a ring must be only 50 years old. In this article, we’ll cover rings made before 1930, which marks the end of the Art Deco jewelry design period.

Qualified appraisers and gemologists can assist with dating a ring.

The first calling card of a ring’s production date is its overall style, ornamentation, and symbolism.

Graceful lines, bold patterns, and depicted scenes can help pinpoint age.

The 21 rose-cut diamonds are set in silver with an 18k rose-colored gold shank.

The intricacies of the hand-made repoussé metal work and its pristine condition will supersede the quality of the diamonds and set the price. You’ve decided modern engagement rings with glitzy bling aren’t for you. Instead, the allure of antique engagement rings has piqued your wandering interest.

If you want to purchase an authentic ring from a design period, deal only with a reputable antique jewelry store.

Be wary of rings marked as reproductions, modern rings made to resemble antiques.

Many varieties of gems have been available as ring stones for centuries. On the other hand, some gems appear to have unwavering interest.

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