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And girls will always be testing you in one way or another.

Even your GF or wife that you've been with for years will probably throw subconscious tests at you once in a while. Tests never end, and if you're not getting any then you're not recognizing them or putting yourself out there enough. The time you invest into that disinterested girl will always be better invested into 10 other, open girls. A woman "testing" you is either being playful, and you're not seeing because the PUA book says she's testing, is being clearly disinterested, but you're calling it a test because the illusion of always being in control sells better than the reality of the fact, or is simply playing games. Because there's armies of guys willing to put up with just about anything as long as they get laid.

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I missed all of the drama, but for the sake of discussing theory, as you mentioned, I want to convince you and point out what I see you created as a false dichotomy.

More specifically, a women acting disinterested is not the same as a women being disinterested, and while many fail to understand the difference, most of the people on this thread know the difference.

If she is making up excuses but is giving you non verbal IOIs you'd be a damn fool to not circle around and try again if shes the one you set your sights on. Now most guys will give up after the Strike 1 and especially after Strike 2. What if she's playing hard to get or is just in "club mode" so she's not as receptive as she would normally be? After 4 strikes you know that she is not playing hard to get and is legitimately not interested. If you're set on turning uninterested chicks into the interested ones, might as well run MM, go indirect, neg all that shit. Aside from that I addressed him claiming this is a good idea when the woman is being clearly disinterested. Chick walking with you and kissing you but telling you she's not coming home w you=resistance.

Finally, i suspect many guys here confuse persisting with chasing girls. Approach again, this time she replies back but the interactions goes nowhere or she leaves. That's patience and that's the same thing: trying to turn uninterested chicks into interested ones. Has nothing to do with ego if you get rejected on opening and choose to find another chick.

Yeah, clear disinterest can sometimes be turned around. And women who play games almost always do so because they have nothing of any essence to offer. This 4-strike rule is training for eliminating neediness. And it can easily turn you into "that guy" that women always talk about plaguing their night out.

If you know when you will walk away and you stick to that, then you eventually will not come off as needy. It may reduce anxiety but it will not eliminate neediness. Doing "everything you possibly can", especially towards an unreceptive girl, is needy. I think the problem for me here is that there is a difference between rejection vs. If you approach a girl and she basically communicates "not interested", then the likeliness of her changing her stance about you is slim to none.

Those are two completely different things and i don't think either the OP or RSDs 4 strike rule propagates chasing women. SGC_Dame Clear disinterest can be completely turned around with persistence.

A girl who blows you off (even more than once) can still end up in your bed. The potential rewards outweigh the basically zero risk.

Think about how many times you have to call that prospect before you can finally book a meeting to do business.

With that said, i am fully aware of there being a fine line between persistence and pestering when it comes to gaming.

You persist, do everything that you possibly can, and then you walk away. This is rejection and if you walk away and come back to try again, it will continue to be rejection no matter how much you continue to persist.

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