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He had the insight to see all that, and to push for it.Everybody resisted it—the studio, the public: 'They're too old'...'They're not film actors' —all that stuff. I really think he made the right decision." I first interviewed Pascal in 1996, when he was a Tony nominee for Rent.

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Adam pascal dating

Next, his theatrical journeys took him to 1929 Berlin, and the role of the MC in Cabaret. But I loved the music and the production." The 2003 benefit concert of Chess (set in Italy and Thailand during the early 1980s) cast him as Freddie.

"I'd been trying to get them to cast me for months. I thought: If I can pull this off, I'd be really proud to call myself an actor. "I was totally unfamiliar with the show, and thought the music was great—and I'm by no means an ABBA fan.

But if it was bad, chances are they wouldn't go back to see it.

I think that it's going to be so good that they'll love it, and go back the way they go back to the show.

We shot five days in New York—in Tompkins Square, and on a rooftop on Nineteenth Street and Fifth [Avenue], that's where we shot [the song] 'Glory.' We spent two weeks at Warner Brothers, on a [back lot] Lower East Side [of New York] street. The loft they built for [the characters] Roger and Mark was fantastic, and it looked so much like Jesse Martin's apartment on Chambers Street when we were doing the show." While he's seen "lots of parts of the film—and it's just beautiful," Pascal has not seen the feature in its entirety.

"I think Rent fans would go see the movie regardless of the reviews.

I got to think about each moment in a way that I never did when I was doing the show.

"It's not only because the show flies by like a locomotive, but also because I approached [the role] as a singer. My performance worked because I went on raw emotions. I approached it more as an acting role in the movie. Instead of the pseudo-punk rocker that Roger looked like in the show, he's much more a Springsteen-esque type of character.

"I wanted the character to seem different to those people who had seen me on the stage. My hair was long [when filming was about to start] and Chris [Columbus] and I agreed to keep it that way. [Laughs]" Declares Pascal, "I had more fun making the movie than I did making the show Off-Broadway [where Rent began].

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