Adjunct professor dating student

The college’s current policy simply describes teacher-student relationships as “governed by norms of professional ethics,” and that sexual involvement with a student “represents a prima facie violation of those norms.” “Because members of the College together constitute a community, these standards govern not only Faculty members’ relations with students they teach, coach, advise, or evaluate, but also their relations with all students in the College,” that policy concludes.

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“The integrity of the faculty when it comes to evaluating students’ work can be undermined, and trust and respect between faculty and students can erode.” Locally, similar policies are already on the books at Smith College and Hampshire College.

At Amherst College, a policy that faculty approved in 1992 “discourages,” though does not explicitly bar, sexual relationships between faculty and students.

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It’s likely a group of inner-circle faculty leaders at Duke University will push their colleagues to forbid any consensual dating or sexual relationships between professors and the university’s undergraduates.

“People are really talking, they’re sharing experiences and minds are changing,” she said, describing how she has had frank talks with professors and others in her department about the climate on campus.

“I’ve had people tell me it just feels different on campus.” GWIS members have been at the table with administrators during policy discussions, making recommendations as part of a task force Subbaswamy convened to address sexual violence on campus..“I think that when all of that became more public and the administration was feeling some pressure from the grad students, they came to the union and asked if we would be open to jointly coming up with a policy,” Weinbaum said.“And we were happy to do it.” Weinbaum said a consensual relationship policy had been talked about for years, and that it was her understanding that differing opinions among faculty and graduate students previously stymied efforts to get a policy passed.“I think most universities have one now,” Weinbaum said, adding that troubling stories of abuses and conflicts in different university settings — departments, working groups, labs — had become more widely known.The university unveiled the policy Wednesday amid the #Me Too movement that has thrust conversations about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment into the open.At UMass Amherst, those conversations have been spurred in no small part by student activists, including the group Graduate Women in STEM, or GWIS.“I am personally very happy to see this policy implemented,” Joelle Labastide, the group’s co-chairwoman, said.Those seeking to become Adjunct Professors should highlight in their resumes a doctorate in the area they wish to teach and previous educational experience. Established clear and measurable instructional goals for: Styles of Leadership, Interpersonal Relationships, Counseling, and Setting Goals.

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