Adult breastfeeding chat

Does anyone know about any chat rooms for breastfeeding mothers?

I currently go to a breast feeding support meeting once a month but its not enough. ive decided to try this time no bottle and breast only.

She is also taking a herbal pill, Lactiful, and has added oatmeal and flax seeds to her diet which is said to help milk supply. As a self-confessed gym buff, Brad is excited about the health benefits he’ll receive from Jennifer’s milk.

“If it was up to Brad we would, but it’s very private to me.

“I’ll never say never but I love the time we spend nursing alone.

He also tells me all the time that he does it for me because he wants other women to feel jealous of what I have,” said Jennifer.

“He is a real alpha male but behind closed doors this relationship lets him put his guard down, be submissive and allow himself to be loved 100 per cent.” Jennifer is proud of her relationship but doesn’t want to feed him in public.

It’s our time away from the rest of the world and I look forward to every feed.” The couple hope to get married in the near future, but they have ruled out having any children together.

They both have children from previous relationships.“Nights have been a struggle because Brad sleeps so peacefully but we manage to cope – until he falls asleep latched onto me, which is beautiful,” she admitted.To help bring milk in Jennifer drinks Mother’s Milk Tea – a herbal drink which is said to imitate female hormones and increase or maintain milk supply – three times a day.We are passionately involved offering information and support to couples and individuals seeking to engage in or who already are in an adult nursing relationship and even those inducing lactation on their own.We offer the most detailed information on inducing lactation naturally including the Dr.I would like to talk to other mothers that are currently breast feeding. I want a chat room not a forum i am expecting baby #3.

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