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Then we decided to go for a movie next day and she agreed to stay night out from PG.Next day we meet and she wore green top and blue shorts.

Then we sat by holding each other hands and started chatting.

She was showing her photographs in her phone in which she was crowned miss Chandigarh in some modeling competition.

She has beautiful mountains I ever had seen in reality.

Her areolas were so tempting and erected I could not control myself and gulf her right boobs in my mouth and was rubbing her clitoris over her panty. I continuously sucking her both boobs one by one and same time rubbing her G-spot.

Then she removed my underwear and came over me and kissing me madly.

She was kissing vigorously and our saliva exchanged then she licks every part of my body and I was inserting finger in her ass hole.

I adjusted my penis on her clitoris and gave her a little jerk and 1/3 of my penis was inserted her and with 2-3 more stroke my penis was completely inside her and she closed her eyes in pain aaahhh was the sound.

I pause for a moment and then again with jerks insert my full length slowly move my penis in and out position now she was feeling relaxed and holding my waist tightly.

Finally day came and I reached Chandigarh and we chat over phone and fixed to meet at 7 pm at sector 15 park.

I reached in 15 market on time and she waved me, after hand shake we moved to park.

Then I remove her panty and came on top of her, kissing her all over her body, naval, below boobs, on boobs and fingering her pussy and she was now enjoying every moment of my sucking and finger fucking.

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