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Likewise, some cities are noted for having a relatively larger percentage of single people.

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People who are single are more different than they are the same; they vary by age, interests, political leanings, partner preferences, and goals.

Naturally, not one city is ideal for all single people.

Research consistently shows that people tend to be attracted to similar others, so it makes sense to choose a city that reflects your own values and interests.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, your chances of meeting other outdoorsy people are greater in cities well-recognized for their outdoor-orientation (e.g., Boulder; Portland, Oregon), which might attract similar, like-minded people.

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Alternatively, if you “click,” you can easily extend the date by finding an easy option for a meal or other activity.

What should singles be looking for when choosing a city? Be sure to live somewhere with parks or opportunities to hike.

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With the rise of dating apps and therefore dates, what financial advice do you have targeted to singles on a budget? It would be more cost-effective to use one of the online matching sites.

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