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New templates, private photos, credits system, integrated with php BB and v Bulletin, banner system, new IM. Since 1997 Step Forth has been a result and client oriented search engine optimization and placement company. Thousands of people in the UK are waiting for an organ transplant.

Around three people die every day across the United Kingdom in need of a life-saving organ transplant.

Only 1 in 100 people across the UK die in circumstances where their organs can be considered for transplantation.

This means every potential donor is of vital importance.

If more people join the NHS Organ Donor Register and talk to their families and ask them to support their decision to be a donor, more lives will be saved, as more families will agree to support their loved one’s decision to donate.

It is only when the treating medical team in the hospital and the family have accepted that no further treatment can help, and it is not in the patient’s best interest, that 'end of life' care choices are considered.

Organ donation as an 'end of life' care choice will then be discussed with a family.Organs are only removed for transplantation after a person has died.Because they have to be transplanted very soon after death, they can only be donated by someone who has died in a hospital, under particular conditions.Whether or not someone’s organs can be safely used to help others is assessed at the time through a number of assessments.Information from the patient’s clinical and social history is also considered from medical records and the person’s next of kin.Organ donation from a person who has died is called deceased organ donation.

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