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Tami loses it with Julie and slaps her across the face during a late night argument.Street quits his position as assistant coach, fed up with the team and with learning that his condition will not improve, even after he regains full motor control in one of his hands.Supporting characters who also returned include: Brad Leland as Lyla's father and head of the Dillon Panther's Booster Club Buddy Garrity, Derek Phillips as Tim's brother Billy Riggins, Louanne Stephens as Saracen's grandmother Lorraine Saracen, Liz Mikel as Smash's mother Corrina Williams, Kevin Rankin as Herc, Blue Deckert as Panther coach Mac Mac Gill, and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Tyra's mother Angela Collette.

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Tensions reach a boiling point during the first game of the season.

With Taylor watching, Coach Mc Gregor angers the boosters by switching the final play, resulting in Smash and Matt's getting into a physical confrontation.

The series' future was once again placed in doubt as it did not return to production once the strike ended, and it continued to suffer from low ratings in its new Friday at pm time slot.

However, NBC announced in April 2008 that the show would return for a third season, with first-run broadcasts airing on Direc TV's The 101 Network.

Riggins, who is concerned about Street, turns to Lyla who is busy trying to help newcomer Santiago Herrera to Dillon.

A big development in a police search instills more trepidation in the lives of Tyra and Landry.

Smash, on the other hand, basks in accolades from coaches, scouts and fans.

Smash and Matt bring their animosity for one another to the field during the Panthers' first game of the season; Coach Taylor makes another trip home; Riggins finds himself looking for comfort in an odd place; and Street explores his options in dealing with his paralysis. Riggins and Street head to Mexico as Street hopes to explore experimental surgery.

In the second-season premiere, Coach Taylor returns to town when Tami goes into labor and realizes how much things have changed.

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