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Thus: The arguments of the functions therein are the number of bits or chips since their epochs, starting at 0.

To that end the P-code was modulated with the W-code, a special encryption sequence, to generate the Y-code.

The Y-code is what the satellites have been transmitting since the anti-spoofing module was set to the "on" state.

However, the code is so long and complex it was believed that a receiver could not directly acquire and synchronize with this signal alone.

It was expected that the receiver would first lock onto the relatively simple C/A code and then, after obtaining the current time and approximate position, synchronize with the P-code.

The output of LFSRs at negative arguments is defined consistent with the period which is 1,023 chips (this provision is necessary because bits long (6,187,100,000,000 bits, ~720.213 gigabytes) and only repeats once a week (it is transmitted at 10.23 Mbit/s).

The extreme length of the P-code increases its correlation gain and eliminates any range ambiguity within the Solar System.These codes only match up, or strongly autocorrelate when they are almost exactly aligned.Each satellite uses a unique PRN code, which does not correlate well with any other satellite's PRN code.Nonetheless, some limited use of restricted signals can be made by civilians without access to the secret encoding details; this is called codeless and semi-codeless access, and is officially supported.The interface to the User Segment (GPS receivers) is described in the Interface Control Documents (ICD).In other words, the PRN codes are highly orthogonal to one another.

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