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As she came out of the revolving door, big fat drops of rain pelted down, dancing on the marble steps.

She tucked her cell into her pocket, preparing to make a mad dash to the soundstage.

They take her out of the city and keep her locked up, while awaiting further instructions. See full summary » A young gangster forced into trafficking girls goes into hiding when a deal goes wrong but when the girl unleashes her supernatural curse he must decide between his love for her or running for his life.

When Alena arrives at her new elite boarding school, Filippa and the other girls start to harass her.

She had her cell out and vacillated on whether or not to tuck it into her bag.

She’d forgotten to ask how she would get in contact with Prince Vagabond.

Something about the man’s frailty softened the edge of her anger. She has a degree in anthropology from Vanderbilt and loves writing offbeat romance comedy.

It wasn’t Lord Sizemore’s fault that his employer had basically gone over everyone in Hollywood’s head to get what he desired. To refuel, Alina sings karaoke, bakes sweet treats, and can be found at the Y, kickboxing.

Miffed at being wrangled into a situation that might blow up in her face, Katie comes up with her own plan.

If The Prince is serious about walking the walk of the common folk, she’s only too happy to oblige as his pretend girlfriend.

It didn't match the demographics for what it was catching, but I think most will find this intriguing.

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