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Learn More Perhaps best known for its Premium brand launched in 1977, Federal Ammunition has its humble beginnings in an ammo and bicycle company founded in 1916 in Anoka, Minnesota.

While Federal no longer sells bicycles, they still make ammo in their Anoka headquarters, where a single plant manufactures dozens of calibers. Horn in 1922, two years after the company shut its doors. government awarded him an million contract to manufacture ammunition for the war effort.

Since 1979, the company has sponsored the 4-H Shooting Sports Program and partners with 4-H to offer safe shooting and hunting classes, as well as wildlife management.

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Founded in 1916, Federal provided ammunition to the U. military for World War II and the Vietnam Conflict.

Today, Federal's 1,000 employees produce high-quality self defense and hunting ammunition entirely from their plant in Anoka, Minnesota.

In late 2017, Federal announced that they would be releasing a new, high-performance .22-caliber cartridge for AR-15s.

This spirit of innovation and commitment to quality have made Federal an award-winning manufacturer of ammunition.

In fact, the plant is so large that it straddles Anoka and its neighboring town Coon Rapids. The city hall of Anoka is even shaped a little like a pistol, which is no accident – Federal bankrolled the construction of the building in 1954.

The building is still the political center of this small Minneapolis suburb.

Charles Horn retired in 1977, and turned management of the company over to his son William – who continued to grow the company with unrelenting marketing efforts, introducing the Premium line of ammunition for rifles and shotguns, and eventually selling in 1985 to a collection of private investors who sold to Alliant Techsystems.

Federal Ammunition still operates a plant in Anoka, Minnesota, where they employ nearly 1,000 people and produce the entire Federal line of ammunition for rifles, pistols, shotguns and rimfire weapons.

Color-coded shells are an industry standard, even though some ammunition manufacturers have deviated from this practice.

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