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Select End Sub I set up the macro on Excel 2002 in work as thats what we have....however when I input the same code into my home laptop working Excel 2007, all works perfectly i.e. Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False Columns("AA: AA").

application screenupdating does not work-75

A user can select one (or more) reports in vb screen (application is written in vb 6), data from a database are processed and send to the Excel template - then unnecessary worksheets are deleted.

Hi, I have a macro that exports a row (or rows) to destination sheet ("Amber") based on criteria in Column K.

Destination reference is not valid' 2nd - The 'Found Work' criteria can be on any number of rows on the source sheet..I tried the code out (without headers) it overwrote the destination sheet, I need the rows to be pasted into next empty row - similar to my posted code - so I can just keep updating the destination sheet as time goes on.

1st - My sheets have headers and the actual data rows start at row 3 - So I do get an error as 'Error Time 1004....

Found Files(i)) Next i End If End With Range("A2: J1500").

I have several report templates (spreadsheets) in one workbook. Display Alerts=False does not work, in other words excessive worksheets are not being deleted. This is the procedure: Public Sub Remove Extra Sheets(By Ref s As String) Dim e Item As Excel. I will try to explain my problem and I am confident that someone in this brilliant forum will be able to solve this. I am using a code in an excel file (Master File) which opens another file (using wild card), select some data from that file, paste that data on the defined sheet of the Master file, go back to the file which was opened and close it. Problem starts when one or more files to be opened are missing. Screen Updating = True end sub Hi Rotimi, Thanks for the code, been trying it out and have a couple of problems..... Formula R1C1 = "=IF(RC[-16]=""found work"","""", RC[-16])" Range("AA1"). Formula R1C1 = "=IF(RC[-16]=""found work"","" "", RC[-16])" Range("AA1"). Auto Fill Destination:=Range("AA1: AA3000"), Type:=xl Fill Default Range("AA1: AA3000"). Value = "Found Work" Then exportrow = Sheets("Amber").

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