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Pastor Mc Cauley has led a controversial lifestyle, with many alleging that he leads a millionaire’s lifestyle.Mc Cauley has defended himself on numerous occasions with the argument that he only earns the salary of a chief executive of a medium-sized company.“She thought she was the centre of his universe but she got a reality check when she found out that he is playing the field again.

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The purpose for this is often misunderstood by those who have misused the platform for personal gain.

Therefore it has become hard to tell the difference between a true man of God wanting to do God’s work and a person who is in it for the benefits that come with running a church.

He maybe widely respected as one of South Africa’s best sports presenters but sadly he doesn’t seem to be having as much success in his personal life, well at least as far as the relationships sector is concerned.

Although the two have made it a point to shield their romance from the limelight, rumours have exploded that Robert’s roving eye is driving Pearl(27) nuts.

He is known for mentor of presidents, multimillionaires, and government officials of many countries and also a friend to the widows, less privileged, a role model to generations yet humble and hardworking working tirelessly for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

He has claimed to have prophesied the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

“During the festive season Pearl came to work crying and had to be consoled by friends,” one of the source revealed.

She kept saying, ” he is cheating on me with a model. ” The thing is Robert knows how to treat a woman and how to make her feel like a Queen at first so that is what attracts them to him.

Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene is the leader of Divine Truth World Restoration Services for World Peace by Jesus Christ.

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