Backdating job seekers allowance

We can only consider backdating your benefit from the date we receive your request.A good cause is any reason that stopped you from making a claim for housing benefit or council tax support earlier.

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Here are some examples of 'good cause' that we would consider to backdate your claim: These are not the only reasons we will treat as being a good cause for backdating a claim.

Each application will be looked at on its own merit.

You should give as much information as you can for the whole of the time you want your benefit backdated.

If you have more than one reason for not claiming sooner, you must tell us about all those reasons.

From 1 January 2017, new claims for Carer Allowance will no longer be backdated.

This brings Carer Allowance in line with other social security payments.Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), the then-chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, was even more direct, saying: 162(m) is broken. Since Section 162(m) passed nearly 20 years ago, both academic and practitioner research has shown a dramatic increase in executive compensation, with little evidence that it is more closely tied to performance than before.In this paper, we estimate that corporate deductions for executive compensation have been limited by this provision, with public corporations paying, on average, an extra .5 billion per year in federal taxes. Because actual tax return data are, by statute, confidential, our estimates are somewhat imprecise, as we have to infer both the tax deductibility of executive compensation and the corporation’s tax status from public filings.This measure will start on 1 January 2017 and is ongoing.Your benefit will usually start the Monday after we receive your application.Currently, payment of Carer Allowance can in some circumstances be backdated up to 12 weeks before the date a claim is lodged or when first contact is made.

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