Baltimore online dating com

"Oh, that's where he is," said Elliot, "I wondered." Clearly, he was used to having a little help in entertaining the lovely, lonely ladies of North Baltimore.

I wish I knew a better way to help my little sisters in singlehood, but I have had no better luck at online dating than I've had in the bars.

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We found many single women already in attendance at the bar when we arrived.

All were bemoaning the Baltimore dating scene while sucking down chocolate martinis and flirting with the ever-smiling Elliot, who sported but refrained from twirling his new handlebar moustache.

But it was a chilly night and we found Cornish fully dressed, though sweet and fabulous as ever.

I bought a gorgeous mosaic for a veritable pittance, and good thing because Strawberry would not stop anywhere long enough to let me spend money for the next several hours.

You try taking a picky teetotaler who goes to bed at p.m. The ideal venue for Strawberry's debut, I felt, would be the bar at Pazo, a watering hole for upscale types.

But Pazo was closed for a House of Cards wrap party, Bond Street Social was weirdly empty, and Ouzo Bay was filled with couples.

He set Strawberry and me up with glasses of rosé and asked what we'd been up to.

We told him we'd been at a party at Monty's, who is normally one of Elliot's Saturday night regulars.

I realized this early in our conversation and exclaimed, "Oh, I know who you are! Having recently attempted a similar reconnaissance mission with another cute young divorcee, Rainbow Bright, I decided to skip Hampden and Station North.

Just a few weeks prior, Rainbow Bright and I had hoofed it through 13.5 Wine Bar, the Hon, Fraser's, Holy Frijoles, Joe Squared, Metro Gallery, The Depot, Club Charles, and several no-name spots on Howard Street. (By the way, though you may not think of the Remington neighborhood as a happening party district, I just saw it written up in the Southwest Airlines magazine as the next big thing, which I found sort of scary.) In any case, this tiny, candlelit bar is my favorite, with its funky speakeasy ambience and its mismatched vintage glasses.

Grasping at straws, I suggested we hit Elliot's place uptown.

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