Banga sexy chat room

The attack on the aspiring doctor of Grant Medical College brings out the fact that while the cyber world may seduce with the promise of anonymity, it doesn’t protect you from the knocks of the real world.Amit met 19-year-old Rashmi Nair in an Internet chat room a year ago.

It ended with him nursing bite marks, courtesy his e-girlfriend Rashmi Nair.

No, these weren’t love bites—Rashmi and her parents assaulted Amit in his hostel last Sunday.

It ended with him nursing bite marks, courtesy his e-girlfriend.

MUMBAI: Amit Mahajan’s e-romance started with an innocuous question asking for details of his A/S/L (chat room jargon for age/sex/location).

“Chatting has even taken precedence over sports activities.

Net surfing or emailing doesn’t take long, but chatting gets you hooked for hours, resulting in backaches,’’ says Dr Sethi.

The 30-year-old, who has been net chatting for the last four years, has an impressive list of 70 e-buddies.

�I recently met an old e-pal, a Nigerian woman who came down to Mumbai,’’ he grins.

After a series of chat sessions, they began to meet so frequently that Rashmi’s parents found out— and disapproved.

As a result of parental interference, Amit decided to break up the friendship, a decision which probably didn’t go down too well with Rashmi.

It is not even as if this compulsive communication hones the writerly skills of keyboard addicts.

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