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According to contextual needs, counselors can choose any dimension or combinations of dimensions for optimal effectiveness. He is the author of numerous publications pertaining to Chinese indigenous counseling based on I Ching.

Abstract: An integrative model of counseling has been found effective to reduce mental distress and improve satisfaction in students.

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Adapting Western models to training Chinese mental health professionals in their work with family conflict, and in University counseling settings with vulnerable college students will be described.

Research that adapts integrative counseling for use in coaching junior scientists in the workplace will be presented. is a licensed clinical psychologist, mediator, parent coordinator, collaborative divorce professional, author, teacher, and speaker.

Their specific situation and challenges can be addressed by focusing on different dimensions of the model.

Results of the study were communicated to the research facilities, pointing out that junior researchers are a group of employees that deal with specific stressors. is the Director of the Student Services Counseling Center for Students at Heidelberg University and a licensed CBT therapist.

The human migration that has brought over 130 M Chinese citizens into the cities looking for jobs, and led to the creation of hundreds of local colleges, has also led to a slew of Western problems, including a burgeoning divorce rate and significant mental health issues.

This presentation will describe a workshop that was created to train Chinese mental health professionals in conflict resolution, mediation and guidance for parents contemplating divorce in how to help their children adjust to changes in the family, in addition to co-parenting skills for parents post-divorce.

Evaluations spanning several years of training programs will be examined to highlight both successes and lessons learned. He is the author of numerous publications pertaining to university student counseling, international student mental health, career development and social justice.

Further international collaborations to continue this work, both in China and other countries, also will be highlighted. He is a member of the Board of Directors and a past President of the International Association of Counseling Services and has been elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

Nominating Division/Section: International and Cross-Cultural Psychology Abstract: This symposium will address international collaborations in creating culturally relevant theoretical constructs, training clinicians and providing psychological services across cultures.

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