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We can also extensively advise you on questions of recruiting, advertisement management, wage analysis, diagnostics, and outplacement. The more complex and specific a company’s requirements on future decision makers, the higher the challenge of finding a candidate matching the profile.

In headhunting, we identify relevant candidates from companies with similar structures and from similar fields.

The capsule name and graphic details are inspired in memory of Lucy Parsons. We love that aesthetic, thats why we culminate the collection with an hybrid between a robe to jump into the ring and a kimono to chill at home. Inspired in our beloved Cuba, starting with a souvenir jacket that has an embroidered map of this country designed in an iconic way.

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Grimey Fall Winter 2017 After our 10th anniversary, we return with the Fall Winter 2017 collection.

The most extensive, detailed and elaborated collection we have ever made.

Jonathan Ralling is with Flamingo Horticulture Kenya. Kelly Jean Kelly adapted it for VOA Learning English.

He says that the Kenyan flower industry’s success in America will depend partly on how much freight space is available on planes making the planned nonstop flights.

The Payback, as its name indicates , is our revenge. 100% Grimey style in a capsule where mixture of materials and details turn basic concepts into elaborated garments. Lucy Pearl is a large capsule, where the essence of the nineties shines again.

Polyester tracksuits, windbreakers, cared details, vintage colors and different materials.

In total, the industry provides livelihoods for about 2 million people.

HAPEKO is employing successful headhunters all over Germany.

Thanks to our expert headhunters at all our locations, you may rely upon the experience and the reliable identification of the best candidates for your company.

The main purpose of the Entity Backup module is to keep a backup of deleted Drupal core entities and perform recovery of them.

Founded in 2003 as the Hanseatisches Personalkontor, HAPEKO has today offices in every economic region of Germany.

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