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For even bigger savings, you can buy one of our Season Pass memberships, which are 6 or 12 months. Our team of murder mystery writers are constantly developing new stories that will not only thrill you - they’ll also challenge you. Once you complete the first storyline, Initiation, you will move onto the next one.

With our Season Pass memberships, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on every episode! Think of each box you receive as a new ‘episode’ each month.

The beauty of Hunt A Killer is you get to decide how much time you need to spend on each episode going over the clues and piecing the story together.

You can also take some time and use the episode Recaps to go back and if see if you missed a detail in the clues or if something doesn't seem quite right.

Reach out through any of these methods and our customer service reps will happily answer any questions you may have.

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To buy a gift subscription for Hunt A Killer, enter the recipient’s shipping details at checkout along with their email address – and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you want it to be a surprise, we recommend signing up with your own email address and forwarding the introductory emails to the recipient once they receive their package.

Think of Hunt A Killer like your favorite murder mystery TV show come to life in a real-world game where every month is a new episode unlocking new keys to the mystery.

Each story, or season, contains 6 episodes with each one building upon itself, leading you closer to solving the crime and seeing it till the finale. See if you qualify What you are purchasing with Hunt A Killer is a gripping, captivating storyline designed by a team of professional murder mystery writers that will provide entertainment all month long.

Our goal was to keep it as accessible to as many people as possible to spread the fun - and thrills.

Our monthly subscription is just / month, and you can cancel any time. Once you start, you will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the tale alive.

Each premium package storyline has been developed by the same team of expert murder mystery writers as the monthly subscription, and each package just as gripping, captivating, and challenging. Yes, we ship all of our products internationally via DHL.

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