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This outing, directed by ’s Roar Uthaug, is an origin story for the heroine who sets out to solve her father’s mysterious death.

Kristin Scott Thomas, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu and Nick Frost co-star.

Increases were also seen in Germany ( 72%$3.3M cume), Brazil ( 83%/$4.3M), Argentina ( 34%/$1.1M), Denmark ( 15%/$872K), Holland ( 10%/$1.36M), Switzerland ( 50%/$842K) and Peru ( 40%/$607K).

There are four more markets to come including China this weekend.

The Alicia Vikander-starrer knocked down $14.1M on approximately 3,425 screens in nine markets. 1 foreign film in all its openings, including a narrow No. In like-for-like markets, the Roar Uthaug-directed reboot is 10% above Warner Bros and MGM launched the Alicia Vikander-starrer in nine Asian markets this weekend, kicking off with $14.1M on 3,425 screens.

The latest adaptation of the best-selling video game franchise comes 15 years after we last saw Lara Croft, played by Angelina Jolie at the time.

Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy added $11.3M in 52 markets this weekend with increases in key plays as the Oscar halo kicks in.

The UK bumped up by 31% for .86M so far; France jumped 20% to lift the cume to .87M in the 3rd frame; Italy spiked 84% to gross .18M to date — this film debuted at the Venice Film Festival in late August last year — and Japan went up 7% for a .36M total.That brings the movie to M overseas with two more markets to come including Korea on March 15.In China, expanded to 1,666 screens and added another .24M for .9M to date, again a great score for an art-house title.The UK, Spain and Brazil saw teeny drops while Germany ( 40%), France ( 7%), and Australia ( 16%) all rose.Leading the pack, the UK is at .9M after nine frames.The second film in the original series, 2003’s , dropped markedly from the 2001 first pic, both domestically and internationally.

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