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Like so many people in big cities, she seems alone even when surrounded by a crowd. Imagine laying in bed at night and hearing your spouse type away to someone in online chat and having no idea if he's flirting. Vogt and his team have a visual language that exists somewhere between reality and dream.

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Albert Rizzi, who is legally blind, was removed from a U. Airways flight on Wednesday because his guide dog was 'out of control'.

However passengers quickly stood up for Mr Rizzi causing the flight to be canceled The flight attendant would not allow the plane to take off because the guide dog was not fully under the plane's seat. Airways transports more than 80 million customers each year and ensures that all customers, including those with disabilities, are treated with dignity and respect.

For Ingrid, the narrator and protagonist of "Blind," even that ability to visualize will fade away.

Things that can be easily visualized either from your own memories or what you've seen in film.

In one sense, "Blind" is merely about a writer who cannot see anymore and the physical and emotional toll that it takes.

In another, it is about those human elements that transcend the five senses—loneliness, jealousy, fear, etc.—and how they are heightened in times of stress.

Of course, nothing in "Blind" is "real," it is from the imagination of the filmmaker. She often wonders if someone hasn't snuck in and is watching her.

Are we watching what Ingrid imagines or what is real?

With "Blind," writer/director Eskil Vogt shows remarkable confidence in his directorial debut after working with Joachim Trier as the screenwriter on the highly acclaimed "Reprise" and "Oslo, August 31." He is a deft visual artist, recognizing that the art of filmmaking is not unlike what his protagonist goes through in "Blind." Just as she has to visualize a world she's beginning to forget, it is Vogt who uses images in ways that can sometimes deceive the audience.

She's been told to work on it, to practice it like a muscle or risk losing it, to practice visualizing things from a life before she began to go blind.

As a result Mr Alcock, who reads using braille and uses a white cane to get around, was sent a letter saying he no longer qualifies for his monthly £350 Employment Support Allowance because he 'does not have limited capability for work.'The letter to Mr Alcock, whose wife Rachel, 64, is also blind, said: 'I understand that this decision may come as a shock to you, however I should explain that entitlement to employment and support allowance is not based on someone’s health or disability itself.

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