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Catholic theologians have reached this conclusion from interpretations of particular verses in the New Testament of the Bible.he Catholic Church has established a list of sins, although not complete, which fit this category.

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Jesus actions during his life on Earth are to be closely studied by Christians for guidance.

Indeed, we have only to read of those actions in the New Testament (the Jesus bits) of the Bible to know exactly how we should lead our own lives.

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But importance is cautiously applied to the law within Christianity none-the-less.

It is also worth making clear here again that our Lord wants, more than anything else, for each of us to For most Christians, knowing right from wrong is not as simple as accepting every rule or command within the entire Bible.

(Of course all Old Testament laws still have significance to Jews, and are an important part of their covenant with God.) to think about the impact that our decisions, actions and attitudes have on other people?

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