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The episode begins with Lil’ Fizz and Moniece clothes shopping for Cameron before he starts kindergarten.Fizz is thrilled to finally be co-parenting with his ex, and he’s got a plan that good benefit both of them…he wants Moniece to be the featured girl in his upcoming video that Nikki declined.

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After the regular friendly ribbing and a quick game of pool, Miles realizes he should’ve never been nervous to tell his friends of his sexual orientation.

They are extremely open to his admission, except for the fact that he didn’t feel comfortable telling them earlier.

Rich describes Ray as a one-man creep show which is epic.

Ray jokes that he is excited to have some single friends, but wait!

Teairra takes offense to Ray’s accusation that she was only interfering to get him back in her bed.

She calls him a liar, but she fails to come up with another logical reason for inserting herself into their relationship. Last night was the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The episode begins as Moniece and Rich Dollaz are having a date night, and she applauds him for his civil meeting with Lil’ Fizz.

She reveals that the pair is engaged after Ray popped the question on the finale.

Teairra Mari interjects that Ray has TMZ on speed dial, so it’s the perfect segue into Teairra’s two-faced ways with the couple.

Jason blabbers off an insincere apology for tossing a drink in Hazel’s face, but Hazel reminds Nina that he was profiting off the incident with a t-shirt slogan the day the episode aired. Is it possible that I’ve already forgotten half of the story lines from this season’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?

Brandi inserts herself yet again because she’s such a champion for Jesus, and Ray wants to know what would Jesus do. Thanks goodness that last night’s first reunion installment brought me back up to speed!

Ray wishes he was back with Princess so he could have a crazy girlfriend too. Meanwhile, Moniece and Fizz are successfully co-parenting Cameron.

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