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I shrugged it off and focused on the baby and how Lindsey was doing.I figured Lindsey's lack of being get regular self was attributed to having a newborn.So, my cousin, I'll call her Lindsey, has been married for over 5 years to a wonderful man. Lindsey was not raised in the church, but after discovering her "dad" wasn't her real father when she was 13, she started attending services as a way to find peace.

It’s now been just over 50 hours since my dog died and I’m devastated. The last phone call I received from V was the call to let me know Tink had died. I can’t forgive V for not reaching out to see how I’m doing.

We’ve been friends for over 15 years, and I’ve been by her side through her divorce, the loss of her father, and her child’s illnesses. tl;dr: My dog died while best friend was dog sitting. I’m done with this friendship - not for the accident, but for the lack of compassion.

Because of this, I've always felt a close bond between us.

That's why I chose to make her baby a handmade gift.

It made me really happy to know she cared so much for it and that was about it.

That was 4 months ago and Lindsey's daughter was born just over a month ago.When I went into the nursery, the memory keeper I had given Lindsey was just to the side of the crib, in full display.I made a comment like, "I'm so glad you liked the gift." To which she responded, "It's probably the best gift we received, definitely the most sentimental." Then Lindsey's mother-in-law (MIL) said, "Yes, made that." MIL stated arguing with me and I eventually asked Lindsey when she received the gift, as clearly she could straighten the issue out.I gathered my things and thanked them all for their hospitality before leaving.I'm just in shock over this and I'm not sure if it's a red flag.We live in different states, so it took me until yesterday to be able to visit.

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