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‘It’s a little personal thing,’ he says, preferring to keep the details to himself. And women always know when you’ve just cobbled a gift together.

‘But all the girls are in – my mum gets flowers, my wife’s mum, the kids, the girls, everyone.’ It wasn’t always this way. ‘There’s a box of chocolates, except that some of them are missing because maybe you got them for yourself.

29 — and Val took to Instagram to share a sweet snapshot of the duo with his nearly 1 million followers!

Bruce willis past dating partners

He dropped out of college and moved to New York City, where he began his acting career with Off-Broadway roles and appearances in television commercials.

Willis had a number of small film roles in the early 1980s before he was hired as a wisecracking detective opposite (1988), Willis portrayed the cynical but good-natured New York City police detective John Mc Clane, who finds himself embroiled in a terrorist attack on a Los Angeles office building.

The film was a major box-office success and helped establish Willis as a leading action hero.

It also spawned the sequels Red (2010, 2013), as a retired CIA agent, and The Expendables (2010, 2012), as an active one.

‘We are definitely not saying: “Look, get home and get those f***ing dishes done,”’ he promises.

‘If you ask me, women should be in charge of everything anyway.

Friends Bruce is sensitive and hairy as the father of Ross’s youthful girlfriend. Bruce seduces Jennifer Aniston by crying and wearing a wig.

Bruce Willis, in full Walter Bruce Willis, (born March 19, 1955, Idar-Oberstein, West Germany), American actor best known for his performances in blockbuster action films, particularly the Die Hard series.

Willis was born in West Germany, where his father was stationed at an American military base, and the family moved to New Jersey in 1957.

After high-school graduation he took a series of odd jobs before studying theatre at Montclair State College.

It’s an ongoing issue in these Die Hard films, because my character always thinks he knows what the f*** he’s doing but he really doesn’t.’ In the latest film, said character John Mc Clane is on a mission to rescue his son from Russia and, as usual, is soon operating outside his comfort zone. And they’re definitely in charge on Valentine’s Day.’ If Willis is correct, then there should be a sizeable number hoping that this is A Good Valentine’s Day To Die Hard (sorry, an awful pun, but you know what I mean).

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