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It’s a Protestant fallacy hatched from the Scofield Bible that turns Abraham’s faith into a Jewish Supremacist dogma. The Times of Israel recently published an article titled, “Jewish politicians lead chorus calling for tighter gun laws.” The article caught my eye for having grown up in Judaism we Jews always felt entirely estranged from the gun culture of the Gentiles. Messianic Connections is for Messianic Jews who are single and looking for other Messianic Jewish Singles for friendship, dating, love, and romance.. If you need to remove any file, please contact original image uploader.

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“It’s happening across the country and in Tel Aviv, too, but it’s particularly rife in Jaffa and the south of the city, where the population is more diverse,” said a Shas activists who had been running the part-time religious schools for 20 years and can only be identified as N. we’re talking about local Arabs and Arabs from villages coming to Tel Aviv for work.” “At first they shower them with love and money, they spoil them, and then they take them back to their village – usually after getting married. “It’s a frightening thing, the girls also begin using drugs and alcohol,” said Yaffo activist David Machlouf.

From our experience we know this is where this Romeo and Juliet plot turns into an action movie. We had some really hard cases of girls who approached us and we helped them. “About a year and a half ago I witnessed the shocking case of a 15-year-old girl.

There’s more than one way to experience your Birthright Israel Gift with Israel Outdoors.

In fact, we offer many options…and while each journey is unique, they are all designed to showcase Israel in a way that lets you appreciate the beauty of the terrain, the epic history of the land, and the wondrous complexity of the culture. You’ll be taken to the Birthright Israel website to register.

Not all interfaith relationships go hunky-dory, and Palestinian families can get as xenophobic as Jewish ones when a family member brings home a partner from “the other side”.

But assuming violence is always the case and needs to be treated through indoctrinating all Jewish girls against Arab boyfriends is about as Jim Crow as it gets.

Tel Aviv is also a city that had seen a remarkable political awakening in the last municipal elections, with new, genuinely left-wing slates – City for All and Yaffa List – winning almost half of the council.

These delegates are probably the reason Babyuf sneaked the funding through the finance committee, and they are (fingers crossed) going to give him and mayor Huldai hell at the next council meeting Sunday.

They either adopted Judaism newly, or are descendants of the Jews of Bilad el Sudan.

Country Jewish populations Jewish history Lists of Jews Afghanistan Afghan Jews, Bukharan Jews Afghanistan Asian Albania Albania South East European Algeria Sephardi Jews and Mizrahi Jews. But nowhere does it say to bless the Jews for their earthly interests.

The decision to support the project appears to be the result oflobbying by councilman Benjamin Babyuf (Shas), himself a Bukhara Jew and a resident of Kiryat Shalom.

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