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Plus the chew blocks provide a natural rough material for your guinea pig to keep his or her teeth trimmed.Find pet-safe wooden blocks online or in the children’s section of your local department store.Pick up a small, vanity mirror at a local dollar discount store or online and attach a simple “mount” to hang from the cage.

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If you’re seeing excessive chew marks or ripping out of stuffing, it’s a good idea to remove toy from the cage.

You can remove the stuffing and replace with hay if you’re piggy likes the toy but also likes to chew.

Just be sure that the newspaper you use is made with soy-based dye or ink, which is safe for guinea pigs to play with.

Guinea pigs are naturally burrowers and will love the chance to explore and hide in over-turned cardboard boxes, length-wise cut oatmeal containers, and empty soda cartons.

But even if your cavy isn’t enamored with a new stuffed toy, you can always save it for floor-time to give them something different in their environment to explore.

Caution: If your guinea pig likes to chew, be sure to watch how your guinea pig plays with the stuffed animal.“But what about my Fortunately for your wallet, guinea pigs are easily amused.It doesn’t take a specialty toy or super-spendy accessory to keep your guinea pig happy.Did you know that apple tree branches can be eaten fresh off the tree?Just stay away from cherry, peach, apricot, plum, redwood branches, and fruit trees with pits, all of which are poisonous to guinea pigs. You can pick up some super-cheap guinea pig chew sticks here.Fleece and cloth accessories are a no-brainer for fun, colorful, and cozy play-times! So stuff that sock full, throw it in their cage, and watch the curious sniffing and cautious approach turn into a full on fun war. If it can hold some hay, it can probably be put to use as a toy for your guinea pig.

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