Catchy email subject lines online dating dating tips first date and second date

It needs to be a broad topic that you’re either crusading for or against.

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One [Topic] Book To Rule Them All EX: One dating book to rule them all There’s No Crying In [Topic]! Need For [Topic] Speed EX: Need for writing speed Love The Smell Of [Topic] In The Morning EX: Love the smell of copy in the morning The First Rule Of [Topic] EX: The first rule of dog training Show Me The [Desired Result]! I Will Have My [Noun], In This Email Or The Next EX: I will have my chocolate, in this email or the next May The [Topic] Force Be With You EX: May the fat loss force be with you Silly Wabbit, [Topic] Is For Kids EX: Silly wabbit, ecommerce is for kids [Process To Result]. With that said, there’s a con to using list emails… To be able to pull off a list email, you need interesting phrases or power words to “spice it up a bit”.

This way, it’s not just basic subject line in an inbox filled with basic subject lines. Now here are some templates that will allow you to use this type of email subject line immediately.

It’s also because of these books, movies, and songs that we adopt certain sayings, quotes, or just general ideas.

Even if they’re just one-off sentences, we all understand the exact context of that sentence.

So if you’re having trouble writing really exciting email subject lines, then this is the post for you. However, they will catch the eye of your subscribers like nothing else, no matter how crowded their inbox is. Benefit emails are the bread & butter of any email marketing practice. So if you send out an email that doesn’t explicitly or implicitly say we’re going to get something positive out of it, then why would anyone ever open it? With that said, it’s very easy to fall into the typical trap of being boring with benefit-driven emails. Here’s how to charge premium prices The Most Common [Topic] Mistakes [Target Market] Make EX: The most common dating mistakes men make The Art Of [Topic] EX: The art of gardening tomatoes Cool [Topic] Trick [Desired Result] EX: Cool content marketing trick doubles traffic The Secret To [Desired Result] EX: The secret to training your puppy [Desired Result] Without [Negative Result] EX: Read faster without forgetting what you read How To [Desired Result] Even If [Objection] EX: How to build muscle even if you’re skinny You, A [Desired Result]? How To Avoid [Negative Result] EX: How to avoid burnout Are You Making These [Topic] Mistakes? Categories To Fill In: [Desired Result] [Negative Result] [Topic] [Target Market] [Objection] Turn on the news for 10 seconds. A good enough controversy can stop anyone in their tracks because it peaks their curiosity.

Below, I give you an entire swipe file of 144 email subject line templates you can use today. They can be used for newsletters, direct sales pitches, or anything else you want to send your list. That’s because they are very straight-forward and basic. Another is to use a benefit that your target audience really wants. A fourth is to use power words or just wordsmith the subject line effectively. But instead of letting you go at it on your own, here’s 12 benefit-driven email subject lines you can use today to make sure you get it done right. The first thing you’ll probably hear about is something controversial. With email though, you don’t just want to talk about little controversies. The ones that, if true, would change how people think about a certain topic. And depending on the topic, it can be extremely divisive.

[Authority’s Name] [Topic] Secret EX: Harry potters marketing secret What [Authority Name] Says About [Topic] EX: What Gary Bencivenga says about sales copy [Authority’s Name] Forgotten Secret EX: Benjamin franklin’s dog training secret [Topic] Tips From [Authority’s Name] EX: Tennis tips from Roger Federer [Institution’s Name] [Topic] Secret EX: Harvard’s college acceptance secret The [Topic] Secret [Authority’s Name] Almost Took To His Grave EX: The copywriting secret David Ogilvy almost took to his grave The [Authority’s Name] Method Of [Topic] EX: The steve jobs method of public speaking The [Authority’s Nickname] Best [Topic] Secret EX: The prince of print’s best copywriting secret [Topic] Secret Hidden Inside The [Source Of Information] EX: Muscle building secret hidden inside tomb Lost [Topic] Tip From The [Source Of Information] EX: Lost stock trading tip from the bible [Authority’s Name] Prophecy EX: Benjamin franklin’s prophecy [Topic] Secrets From [Authority’s Nickname] EX: Conversion secrets from the original copyhacker Categories To Fill In: [Authority’s Name] [Topic] [Authority’s Nickname] [Institution’s Name] [Source Of Information] Weird emails are just like what name says. In fact, they are probably the closest thing to a tabloid headline there is without actually being a tabloid headline. Check out the templates below for examples of this.

[Authority’s Name] Shocked By [Unusual Thing] EX: Gary vaynerchuck shocked by weird facebook ad The [Topic] Nazi EX: The texting nazi [Topic] Lessons From A [Unusual Source] EX: Graphic design lessons from a talking doll Crazy [Target Market] [Desired Result] EX: Crazy cubicle worker gets six pack abs Encyclopedia Of [Topic] [Monster] EX: Encyclopedia of copywriting monsters [Monster] [Topic] Tips EX: Sasquatch sales tips [Topic] Secrets Of A(n) [Adjective] [Monster] EX: Muscle building secrets of a sneaky Sasquatch Easy Peasy, [Topic] Squeezy EX: Easy peasy, deadlift squeezy Crazy [Name] Tries To [Desired Result] EX: Crazy Dan tries to get ripped Deranged [Name] Does It Again EX: Deranged Dan does it again I Like [Adjective] [Topic] And I Cannot Lie EX: I like easy recipes and I cannot lie Warning For [Target Market] From The Future EX: Warning for baby boomers from the future Categories To Fill In: [Authority’s Name] [Unusual Thing] [Unusual Source] [Topic] [Adjective] [Name] [Monster] We all love pop culture.

You can use promises, “characters”, topics, and more to make it happen.

Regardless of the one you use though, the premise is simple… As long as it is literally opposites or sound like they could be, you’re solid.

Every market has authorities, experts, or influencers within them. They will have some kind of audience, a huge amount of trust, and following that really loves them.

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