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You may find this exercise surprisingly difficult to do. Practice it regularly until you feel more comfortable with being seen in a positive light… As your sense of self-acceptance grows stronger, you will be more likely to take setbacks as momentary problems, not proof that you are inadequate. With such persistence, no matter what your goals are, you will increase your chances of achieving them! She is also a regular contributor for the Web MD blog Relationships and is the relationship expert on Web MD’s Relationships Message Board. Told many times through out my life (I am 59} that I needed help..where to turn?

Making Change blog posts are for general educational purposes only. Even as a small child I can remember my Mom saying that I needed help. I have failed at everything, every job, every relationship, every decision, my whole entire life.

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(You might even want to pause and do this right now.) You will most likely find that you feel good about yourself. Make a daily practice of doing this exercise in benign and positive circumstances – People are social creatures and relationships offer us support in both practical and emotional ways.

In healthy relationships, others generally view you positively – even though they might have different opinions than you or be upset with you about specific situations.

For instance, some people have social anxiety while others struggle with feeling inadequate or worthless. Given what you are saying, it sounds like you really need outside help. There are ways to get help, though you will need to look for it. I followed the steps, I tried mediation with the co-worker and boss, reporting to HR with proof, etc. I learned that there is no justice or fairness in this world and everything that youre told is just due diligence and ass covering measures. It was so bad I have a very hard time working other places now because I can't trust anyone, especially management.

It is important to figure out what keeps you from making friends and then try to fix the problem. For instance, you might find it with the National Self-Help Clearinghouse ( Psych Today does not allow for URLs in comments, but you can go to: mhselfhelp dot org) or through your local social services agency. The job I went to after that place, I could see people back-stabbing and trying to sabotage others to get ahead and management supported this behaviour.

So, if you perform well, you will feel good about yourself. You can achieve this sense of self-acceptance by looking both within yourself and to your relationships: Research has shown that when people reflect upon their “true selves” (including traits they believe they have even if they don’t show them), they gain a greater sense of well-being and perceive more meaning in their lives.

You can test this out by arranging for some undisturbed time to think about your values and those traits that you feel characterize “the real you.” When you imagine expressing them, they will feel “right.” After some time thinking about this, reflect on how you feel about yourself.I have been hospitalised countless times, have attempted suicided many times, and have a deep fascination with death and the macabre. I have suffered from depression through elementary school, through high school, undergrad, and grad school. I'm almost 50 with no real career anymore and I have no motivation because after seeing what I have in workplaces over the past 8 years, I'm so discouraged and it's very clear people have their own agenda and will use who they can to further that, even if it means pretending to be your friend for their advancement.Now I am severly indebt due to student loans and suffer from deep poverty. I used to be a very passionate person and had tons of ambition and was excellent in my field, people would headhunt me for jobs and I was having to turn them down.The result is always the same – every time you fall short of achieving your goal, you fall back to being self-critical.Then it’s difficult, if not impossible, to let go of all that negativity, which is a serious drain on your motivation.You might be able to do this with simply being introspective, some feedback from family or the few friends you have, self-help materials, or seeing a therapist. Non-profit agencies, such as Catholic Charities or Jewish Family Services, might also be able to help. I just cant trust people anymore and don't want to be in that environment, which is difficult because I have to do it to put a roof over my head.

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