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This establishment was the beginning of the present day St Mary's College as well as Sacred Heart Cathedral School.

From 1861, when they first arrived in Wellington, the Sisters of Mercy took over the school and were on its staff until the late twentieth century when the staff became entirely lay.

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The human meaning depends on what the original authors meant and how they thought.

For example, when people experience some event, there is both the external event itself - what happened - and the inward experience of how it affected them.

The writings of the New Testament are expressions of the faith of the Christian communities, dating back to the lifetime of the apostles or to people who had known the apostles.

The Scriptures do not exist separately from the faith community; they are inspired accounts of the faith of the Christian communities.

Sacred Heart Cathedral School is a New Zealand, Catholic, primary school located in the central-city suburb of Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand.

It is part of a Catholic precinct dating from 1850.

Still, today, the faith of the Christian community worldwide is the touchstone for knowing the true interpretation of the Scriptures.

Sometimes the Scriptures on their own are open to more than one interpretation. They are based on the things that Jesus said and did, but they are not pure biographies.

Their selection depended on whom they were writing for (for example, Jews who already knew the Hebrew Scriptures, or Gentiles, who didn’t).

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