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How will Admiral Anticrime and the other supervillains of Metroburgh respond to this?Ariana Davis’s oldest daughter, Jocelyn, takes the fateful quiz that’s already had quite the impact on her their family after her mother and younger sister’s results.

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She shares the results, and the quiz itself, with her dormmate Heather.

More “innocents” find themselves caught in the web of the enigmatic Weaver, but this time a stepmom and stepdaughter find their charged relationship changed through the power of his own unique spin on the standard personality quiz.

But when a sudden storm tosses him overboard into the maelstrom, he is miraculously saved by a mythical creature, and learns things about himself that he never could have imagined...

Maniacal Meriwether has perfected a process by which he can turn the citizens of Metroburgh into his mindless robots.

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Jack Manning has always hated the water, and with good reason.

A lush young peasant girl becomes the pawn of an ancient power, as the lord of the manor brings his just-wed and well-loved Lady to his lands.

That old wise darkness has already made Her own choice, and the Lady may learn too well what serfdom means.

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