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As well as quickly establishing fault, many dash-cam owners say the cameras make them better drivers.Among them is David Doyle, from Manchester, who was in his car when he was smashed into at a road junction by a driver who ran through a red light.

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The thinking is that if you're involved in an accident that is not your fault, the dash cam makes it easier for your insurer to prove that, and not to have to agree to a fifty-fifty split with the other insurer.

An AXA spokesman said: 'If a claim is settled on a 'non-fault' basis, your no claims discount is unaffected and your insurer can usually recover your policy excess – this could you save hundreds of pounds.'The group's underwriting director, Gary Humphreys, said: 'Dash cams save us a huge amount of time.

You drive more defensively, because you also know that you can be judged on your driving.'VISIONTRACK VT2000: £249 Offering a full HD camera and telematics, the VT2000 also features instant remote cloud upload and a built-in GPS receiver.

This dash cam has to be wired into your car, at a cost of about £40.

Typically, these more complex dash cams are connected to a vehicle's electricity supply via the fusebox, while the simpler versions are powered through a cable that runs to the 12-volt socket. The cheapest models can be as little as £30, with the priciest running to some £300.

However, it is not necessary to spend much more than about £150.

It is estimated there are already about 840,000 dash cams – including helmet-mounted cameras for motorcyclists – on the roads in the UK.

In 2015, the last year on record, sales increased by a massive 395 per cent, making dash cams the fastest growing category in consumer electronics.

★★★Yet while there are plenty of motorists who are convinced dash cams really do make life easier in the event of an accident, others believe they are the thin end of a disturbing wedge, in which insurance companies and law-enforcement agencies will be able to gather and collect data about yet another aspect of our private lives.

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