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“There is a dramatic sense of arrival,” Estelita Sebeto the South American general manager informed me, looking rather dramatic herself in a loose white cotton dress that appeared to float above the reflecting ponds surrounding the greeting pavilion, a large, solitary embraced on all sides by water, soft music, and the purple wall, the colour of the Thai royals.

At night up to 2,000 candles may be lit here to welcome visitors.

On the Andaman coast, the west side that is, of the Thailand isthmus down south, facing Phuket, Krabi stretches along a sun-dappled coast with some eye-popping beaches and stretches of white sand to rival the best.

And everywhere, on land, and in the azure seas, are humps of white limestone karst outcroppings rendered even more dramatic as the sun sets and orange flames lick across the ocean to ignite the tableau.

Remodelled older Beach Villas with curving shingle roofs dating back to the resort’s previous incarnation line the ocean with small gardens and hedgerows.

Be certain, wherever you lay down, no expense has been spared to ensure a grand holiday.

The pavilions are set in four suites per building, two upstairs and two downstairs.

While this is entry-level for Phulay, it will be more than adequate for most.The Krabi beach resorts sited here require road drives and ferry transfers. More details on getting there, airport transfers, room rates and nightlife in our Fast Facts section at the end.And to the west, between Krabi and Phuket, is picture-postcard Phi Phi whose two main islands can be reached by ferry from Krabi (or Phuket) in an hour-and-a-half. Send us your Feedback / Letter to the Editor ▲ top THE BED.There’s also a huge professional hairdryer that will down a grown man at 20 paces, a large laptop-size safe, beach bag and straw hats.At the Royal Villa expect more shock and awe, with a procession of statuettes, hanging Middle-Eastern lamps, a bath pavilion in a separate but connected with a wraparound pond, outdoor shower, and a 12m lap pool with ocean views. This is undoubtedly one of the best Krabi resorts around but if our Ritz-Carlton Phulay Bay review was to pick a quibble it is that there is simply too much ostentation in your face at every turn, almost as if the architect thought you might forget and confuse this for a Holiday Inn.“From the plumped eiderdown pillow, make a sharp right and proceed 10 paces to the turned-down duvet, then hang a left, walk another 10 paces to the rumpled area marked X.” For this you’ll have to head to Krabi, Thailand.

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