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The latter Cincinnati Red Stockings were a founding member of the National League in 1876, but were expelled from the league in 1880 for serving beer at games, and for violating ballpark lease arrangements.

Another club left the AA to join the NL in 1890…the Brooklyn Bridegrooms.

This club went through 2 name changes prior to the endearingly anachronistic Bridegrooms moniker, and 4 more name changes before they officially became the Brooklyn Dodgers (in 1932).

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They are the Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Reds were not connected with the two Cincinnati Red Stockings ball clubs, the first being the first nationally successful pro baseball club (from 1866 to 1870 and pre-dating the National League…see this).

No bells and whistles like colors and logos, though (maybe I’ll do one like that in the future), just the ball clubs’ names, years in existance, franchise shifts, and titles.

I skipped the 19th Century franchise shifts…there were a whole lot of fly-by-night ball clubs in the formative years of the National League.

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