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By the time we got into the bar, a large group had formed around us probing us about our relationship and why sex hadn’t been on the agenda yet.

My date was not having it, quietly internalizing the agony of the situation.

I found all of this incredibly funny – yes, uncomfortable, but seriously entertaining.

My date, however, practically froze and acquired clammy body syndrome from his head to his toes.

San Diego may be the best-kept secret in the world of stand-up comedy.

Bonus: every Thursday night, you can also catch the Comedy Kumite, a stand-up competition where the victor wins a knife.

~*~ A comedy club date is a great idea if you want to test your date for a good sense of humor.

But, if you’ve suggested a date at a comedy club, you better be ready to emotionally and physically deal with any and all reactions from your date.

So, I suggested I see him later and he gives me a kiss…silence.

Once their, some of the best mixologists in the country will guide your cocktail quest.

Afterwards, stroll across town towards Noble Experiment, a cocktail bar cloaked in secrecy; a nod to the era of prohibition.

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