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When I did my exploration trip in June 2012 my focus and visits were only to beach towns.It's been just over a year and we are still in Costa Rica but in a different location than where we started out.Even thought this is a town of 50,000, a day at the plaza in the heart of the city can give it more of a small town feel.

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In hind sight these are some of the things that I would have considered before leaping; size of the town, size of expat community, location to bigger cities, temperature and public transportation.

With taking those things into consideration the places I would have visited would have been drastically different.

Alajuelas Central Park is lined with Mangoe trees (hence the nickname) providing shade for those that have congregated to catch up on the local happenings.

Expat's can be found here sharing information about local apartments for rent or where to find the best deal in town.

By: Kim Walters Top 10 Expat Communities in Costa Rica There are many things to be considered when moving abroad.

Each person has different wants and needs that will directly effect where one should consider relocating to here in Costa Rica.

I failed in this department when it came to us taking the big leap from Maine to Costa Rica.

The only thing I considered was that the girls wanted to be at the beach.

Residents here love the fact that they are only 15 minutes away from the big city but worlds apart in terms of atmosphere.

This town is also home to the big Multiplaza where you can conquer all your shopping needs as well as catch a movie.

Here are 10 towns/cities that seem to be popular destinations to the expat population here in Costa Rica, broken down by region.

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