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So I grabbed the tools went up the ladder (now I'm not a ladder fan) so I went up the ladder very slowly. Well that statement couldn't be allowed to stand on its own.

So on the way down I grabbed his shorts saying I'm slipping (I wasn't really but it was a good excuse).

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I pulled his shorts around his ankles (he wasn't wearing underwear) and I continued on down the ladder.

It was funny watching him try to put them back on and try to be cool about it while still standing up there.

I was not wearing any underwear to was totally nude! The first girl to come into the bathroom just laughed at me and didn't help, but thankfully the second got my shoes and bag and leant me her coat (short) to get a taxi home.

Once when Jenna and I were clubbing a man would not leave us alone, so we pretended to be interested (after a lot of time telling him to piss off) and Jenna took him outside. five minutes later she came running into the car naked and I drove off. Well first I have gotten Dan alot of times(well he has gotten me too).

But I guess when I think about it he has done the same to me more times than I can remember.

A few I remember vividly are one time we where on a friends boat and we where fishing well the fish where not biting so me and Dan decided to go swimming neither of us had suits so Dan said lets just go skinny dipping I said ok so we went swimming for awhile.

Well Dan got to the boat first and he grabbed my clothes. So finally I thought someone would have to make a move so I removed the towel and stood up.

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