Consolidating property

Under the Agreement the Government of Suriname has the option of taking a 30% participating interest in any of the properties falling under the jurisdiction of the UJV agreement, with IAMGOLD retaining the other 70%.2, has a history of episodic small scale mining activity dating back to the 1960's.

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One company that has consolidated their distribution facilities is United Natural Foods based in Denver, Colorado.

They are consolidating four existing distribution facilities into a new 535,000 square foot facility.

The property is located approximately 30 kilometres from the Rosebel mill in Suriname and just northwest of the previously acquired Saramacca property and the Sarafina property optioned to IAMGOLD.

Unlike Saramacca and Sarafina, IAMGOLD has not acquired Brokolonko from a third party, but has instead secured the rights to exploration directly from the Government of Suriname.

Typically consolidation of real estate is considered when a company undergoes a merger, an acquisition or change in their business.

Consolidation of real estate facilities is certainly not limited to office space and government properties.

At first glance it would seem wise to choose the facility that has the lowest operating costs.

But there are other factors to consider such as the cost of labor and recruiting potential in different geographic locations.

We have also seen an increase in facility consolidation of data centers, call centers and manufacturing operations.

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