Consolidating spare part warehouses

Groundbreaking for the 720,000-square-foot facility off 24th Avenue South, which will employ 340, will be take place this month.

My colleague Sal Spada wrote an article on new developments in the additive manufacturing space.

In fact, once slots formerly used to house inventory are eliminated, they could end up with much more available space.

Other positive developments include new material formulations in metal powders and plastic polymers that are being commercialized.

These new inputs “allow additive manufacturing of finished parts with mechanical properties comparable to or better than those possible with traditional production methods.” In addition, there is the introduction of hybrid machines specifically for metal based printed parts that allow additive and subtractive processes to be combined.

Additive is used mainly to build up the product and subtractive is more for the final finish.

This domain expertize has been incorporated in a knowledge-based decision support system.

This tool gathers input from the customer regarding the part and produces a metric that ranks the part’s suitability for additive manufacturing.Exporting aftermarket spare parts to many different African, Latin American and Asian countries by serving as a reliable partner to its continuously growing number of customers since 1992.As a native export wholesaler, Kon Part Import-Export Gmb H is always taking into account the different requirements of each regional market and customer.Kon Part Import-Export Gmb H offers a complete product range of more than 400.000 aftermarket replacement parts for all common European, Asian and American cars, trucks, busses and construction, agricultural, marine and stationary machinery.By selling genuine spare parts of high quality German, European and American aftermarket brands only, Kon Part Import-Export Gmb H guarantees for its customer's satisfaction.Our cages are built from heavy duty steel and mesh construction, with removable gates for easy loading and unloading.

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