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A sleep study can detect the nighttime breathing disorders, and an apnea hypopnea index can measure the severity of the condition.

During the sleep study, a number of tests will be performed to detect whether or not you have a breathing problem during the night and why it is occurring.

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Without the proper amount of oxygen in the blood, the body's organs do not get enough oxygen to function properly.

The effects of decreased oxygen could lead to: When you suffer from this sleep disorder, your body does not get enough oxygen while sleeping.

Hypopnea involves slow and shallow breathing, causing airway pressure to decrease by half, which leads to low oxygen levels in the blood (desaturation).

When you have a decrease in air intake and not a cessation of breathing, you have hypopnea, not sleep apnea.

According to the New York Times in-depth report on obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea, there are factors that could contribute to the development of disordered breathing while sleeping.

Recognizing sleep apnea and hypopnea can be difficult because the person may be aware of no other symptoms besides excessive daytime sleepiness.

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