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** Fees may be reduced in situations of financial hardship. Pension Card Holders may be eligible for an Australian Government hearing services voucher, applications for this voucher can be collected at reception.

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Click here (565KB) to view the Social Blokes group flyer. The pleasant outdoor pergola area is just the place for residents to have a BBQ or a cuppa and a chat.

We pride ourselves on our home-like feel, while providing around the clock high quality nursing care and value how important our role is in the lives of our residents.

Buses depart Sunbury Community Health at 2.30 pm to take people home. Buses depart from Sunbury Community Health at 9.00 am to pick people up. It helps develop self-confidence, social skills and provides respite for families and carers. For information about the New Horizons waiting list, contact our friendly staff 9744 4455.

Activities include: Click here (574KB) to view the Social Groups flyer. Buses depart from Sunbury Community Health at 1.00 pm to take people home. The group runs weekly on a Tuesday night from 5.00–9.00 pm. back to top ↑ each, all with an ensuite and a private outdoor area.

For more information about Sunbury Lions Community Aged Care click here or call our friendly staff 9744 7001.

back to top ↑ Our Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling service promotes the wellbeing of individuals, their families and our community by reducing the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use. Our counsellors help people to identify and address concerns relating to alcohol and other drug use, mental health problems and life’s challenges.

We promote holistic care working closely with residents’ General Practitioners and also providing allied health services (services provided by healthcare professionals who aren’t doctors or nurses) including physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietetics.

For information about fees and payments click here.

Children can get this funding if they’re six years and under and diagnosed with one of the following disabilities: People can use Better Start funding to pay for early intervention services and therapies, such as speech pathology, audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy. We believe everyone has important creative offerings and that performers come in different shapes, sizes, colours, histories, abilities and disabilities.

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