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The management seemed to turn a blind eye to the fact that we all managed to smuggle a dozen or so cards up oor jooks to sell on our own behalf.

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The places named have to be in areas where I can make a case that similar alteration under Norse influence is unlikely.

That cuts out most of Dumfriesshire, and probably the coastal stretch of Galloway. From Bill Morton, : This suggestion may be totally wrong as I am no expert but is it possible that the farm of Skellyhill at the end of the road which starts at Kirkland Road in Darvel is the location you are looking for?

This section has been replaced by the Ayrshire History Google Group.

Please use this group to exchange information on your research interests and seek answers to your questions. From Mike Bilham, : I'm trying to locate an address, possibly a farmstead, called Skylahill, possibly in or near to Newmilns, Ayrshire. It is listed in nine entries in response to 'Skylahill' in the Yahoo search engine. Unfirtunately none of them really locates the place and the attribution to Newmilns isn't backed up.

One of the few perks in working for the Tizer occurred on race days, when five or six of us were chosen to sell race cards.

We were taken in the van up to the racecourse, each with a bundle of programmes which we sold, at a shilling each, from the wee booths provided for us.

I spoke to Georgie a few years later when she was working in the pay desk at the Pavilion Ballroom.

At that time I was playing in the saxophone section of Andy Curries (soon to be disbanded) band.

The photo of the Advertiser building in those days brought back a few memories.

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