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Talk with your doctor about whether a referral is right for you.Your physician should contact the Youth Health Program Secretary at (604) 875-3472 or fax a referral form to (604) 875-3958.

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Patients with cystic fibrosis are highly susceptible to lung infections.

As a result, if they spend a lot of time together, they can readily swap infections.

For whatever reason, the youth we see have been impacted by health challenges that are interfering with their ability to function in their family life, school, and/or with their peers. We can work on setting goals and finding resources which can lead to better health and wellbeing.

We might talk with you about friendships, dating, school, family, sexuality, jobs, home life, sleep, eating, health conditions, social activities, drugs, stress, and your mood and worries (just to name a few topics).

No one will share your information without your knowledge and permission.

The only times this changes are: You have the right to information about yourself.We encourage you to ask questions and get involved in your health care.You can ask your nurse or doctor if you can read your medical chart.If it’s in quotes, it is something one of our fabulous readers shared with us on Twitter or Facebook.If you finish this post and you’re annoyed about all the things we forgot, leave a comment to keep the list going.What we talk about is kept private (confidential) and is not shared with anyone outside of the team of professionals without your permission.

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