Dating a boy with adhd

Then I put it in my diary and make an alarm for it on my phone.

I focused on the guy I was with the last relationship I was in too much. I know people with ADD/ADHD need to have people who are patient with them in their lives. In that case he may think about you but then forget to act on his thoughts.

And its not you personally and its not that they dont care they cant help that their focus button is broken. So I don't think it's so much a matter of patience as far as what you're talking about.

But, to guys, we just focus on what's at hand and don't really worry about birthdays, anniversaries, and such.

You might be important, but these dates, milestones, etc just aren't.

My partner does a lot of funny things, and I do too, I'm sure, but because we match well all the quirky things are just more reason to love each other.

People having this disorder certainly can be frustrating to those around them, but if you really like someone who has the disorder you can focus on the positive side.Some of the things you mention wouldn't worry me, I don't offend easily.I think that the other possible tendencies are resolved by being with someone who has very similar instincts as him.Hope this helps:)Maybe the problem for me has been a lack of patience, but I only have what I have. I would guess it's one of three things: The relationship is not serious enough for him to be in the habit of thinking about you."He's just not that into you." (This seems unlikely with two separate men.)It's something other than ADD.Then there's all that relationship advice floating around like "he's just not that into you" and "he's probably seeing someone else" to make you doubt your own perceptions. (Lots of people have multiple, overlapping disorders, many of which may go undiagnosed.)I'm not necessarily referring to you, but lots of women do relationship testing. Of course, he forgets, WWIII wages for a while, and maybe he can work his way out of the dog house and back into your good graces (or not).I'm asking as much out of compassion for them as for information for myself. Alot of the men in my family have either ADD or ADHD. My sons Dad is horrible about changing subject mid way through me saying a sentence. Seems to help tremoundesly I have relatively mild ADD..I'm not familiar with an extreme that causes you to ignore people in your life.

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