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A counterclaim sets forth the defendant's allegations against the plaintiff, as if the defendant were asking for a divorce in the first instance.

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In these cases, lawyers must substitute their own judgment on obvious matters such as protecting a child's bank account from an untrustworthy parent. The inability of a person to pay his bills as they become due. Developed in 1973 by mathematicians Fisher Black and Myron Scholes to determine the value or pricing of a stock option. If your lawyer tries this on you, politely tell him 'no,' then immediately report him to the state bar. Used to collect DNA samples from subject’s inside cheek. In divorce, each party making a claim for a fault divorce must prove such fault. State rules, usually established by each state's supreme court, that regulate the behavior of lawyers.

Also, a person's legal status in federal bankruptcy court. Abused spouses and minor children living in the United States with abusive citizens or lawful permanent residents. Female who provides genetic material for a child, not necessarily the gestational carrier. It utilizes the stock price, strike (exercise) price, expiration date, risk-free return, and the standard deviation (volatility) of the stock's return. Sleeping with a divorce client is a serious ethics violation -- besides, lovers make bad lawyers. Intent of parties at time of marriage to enter into a relationship for good faith reasons, not simply to obtain benefits for a non-citizen spouse of an American citizen. Violations can lead to warnings, fines, suspensions, and even license revocation. Central Authority is the Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues. See Custody--Legal and Custody--Physical Child Support. Court-ordered payments from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent that are not tax deductible by the non-custodial parent, nor includable in the custodial parent's taxable income. State agencies established under federal Social Security Act under Title IV-D entitled “Child Support and Paternity Establishment”, known as IV-D agencies, to collect data, establish parentage, if necessary, and collect child support; initially for welfare recipients, later expanded to include non-welfare cases.

Defendants must file an answer and counterclaim within a certain time of being served with process, usually 20 days.

The plaintiff, in turn, must file an 'answer to counterclaim.' Antenuptial Agreement. Review of a trial court's decision and judgment by a higher court.

If no successor appearance is filed, courts frequently deny this request, even if the client fails to pay attorney's fees. A legally binding, non-judicial procedure held before a neutral third party, the 'arbitrator,' who acts as private judge. Artificial means of removing eggs from a woman, fertilizing the egg in a laboratory and returning the fertilized egg to the woman’s body or a carrier. Also becomes more prone to serious psychological problems as an older child and adult. Attachments are issued by courts to preserve marital assets.

Counsel then becomes your involuntary servant, but don't expect zealous advocacy from a slave. Obviously, divorce lawyers view this problem as justification for large retainers. The systematic and comprehensive analysis of the value, price or worth of an asset by examining the characteristics of the particular asset in comparison with similar or comparable assets that have been sold on dates as close as possible to the date of the analysis. Newer concept developed by the American Law Institute to help decide child custody cases by maintaining approximately the same parenting routines after divorce as the parties and child experienced before divorce. Unlike mediation, neither party can unilaterally terminate the process, and both parties are bound by the arbitrator's decision, as if a judge acted in her official capacity. See Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). An important adjunct to restraining orders, they are used if there is substantial risk that a restraining order would be violated.

All pleadings and notices are then sent to her address which constitutes proper service on you.

If you appear without counsel, you are said to appear pro se.

Therefore, appeals are often unsuccessful except for substantial errors of law that significantly and adversely impact a party; otherwise, the mistake is considered 'harmless error.' Whether your appeal succeeds may depend more on your gender than the merits of your case.

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