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This is important because our research has shown that there were no structures around the Tower since the town's founding in 1639.

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I didn't have to look too hard and sure enough, there did appear to be a rectangular shape in the grass apparently reflecting the imprint of the footings of structure that was once attached to the round tower.

Pat and I discussed the image and the his posting of the discovery on the Phippsburg, website.

It was built by the Knights Templar in 1161, and its design also mirrors the Newport Tower.

All eight stone columns in the Newport Tower have a slate slabs at the base, and at the top that serves a structural function as a capstone ledge to support the wooden trusses of the roof for the first-story ambulatory.

tab=album&album_id=1600659460010251 This schematic of Cambridge Round Church in Cambridge, England, show an identical layout the Newport Tower likely had when first constructed in the early 1400's, minus the north and south aisles.

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