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Since the time of their discovery in the 1940s, these objects have been prized as lawn ornaments.

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There are a few examples made of coquina, a hard material similar to limestone that is formed from shell and sand in beach deposits.

This was probably brought inland from the mouth of the Térraba-Sierpe delta.

He kept lifting his head to the left, like a stressed lorry driver staring into his wing mirror.

Still considered a great unsolved archaeological mystery, the near perfect ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica were first found in Costa Rica near the southern Caribbean in the Diquis Delta …

Balls are known from as far north as the Estrella Valley and as far south as the mouth of the Coto Colorado River.

They have been found near Golfito and on the Isla del Caño.

Mr Balls suffered another embarrassing blow when Pimco, the bond manager where his brother Andrew works, backed the Treasury.

'We think the UK is implementing what is probably the best combination of fiscal and monetary policies to address deficit reduction,' the firm said.

Billions were poured into the public services for often little discernible difference for taxpayers.

Even Labour’s last Chancellor Alistair Darling admitted: ‘We had reached the limits of what I thought we should be spending’ by 2007.

It may be a measure of how unappealing he is as an orator if I say that he makes George Osborne sound smooth.

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